Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a retail store I can visit?

OzGraff is an online store only. We do not have a physical retail outlet.

Why am I not receiving e-mails?

If you're not receiving e-mails from us it could be that junk filters are causing them to be directed to your junk box or bulk mail folder. Some free e-mail providers confuse our e-mails for spam. Don't forget to check your junk mail folders too.

Hotmail users

    • Log in to your Hotmail account.
    • Click the 'Options' link (located top right-hand side).
    • Click 'Mail' (left-hand side menu).
    • Click the 'Junk email protection' link.
    • Click 'Safe list'.
    • Enter in the text field and click the 'Add' button.

Gmail users

    • Log in to your Gmail account.
    • Click the 'Contacts' link (located under the Gmail logo)
    • Click 'Add to "My Contacts"'.
    • Enter in the text field and click the 'Add' button.

Yahoo users

    • Log in to your Yahoo account.
    • Click the 'Addresses' tab (located top left-hand side of the page)
    • Click 'Add contact'.
    • In the Name section add OzGraff (and with Email add
    • Hit 'Save contact' and then on the next page click 'Done'.

If you are still not receiving e-mails, login to your account on our website and check your messages, all e-mail content is also posted on the associated order. Make sure you check your messages regularly in case there is a problem with your order.

Why do prices change so often?

Due to the Australian Dollar exchange rate with international currencies our cost prices change with every shipment we import from our suppliers. Sometimes it will work in your favor and prices will decrease, other times it won't and prices will increase. We try to import larger shipments when the Australia Dollar is high to offer you the cheapest prices possible.


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