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Store policy

OzGraff was created to cater for the needs of the aerosol art and craft communities, farmers, automotive professionals, hobbyists and the home handyman. Our business is run by a team of dedicated artists with over twenty years of experience using the products we sell.

Our webstore design is plain, simple, and built for speed. We are here to provide you with the cheapest and biggest selection of products available on the market today, not wow you with our photoshop skills.

All product and shipping prices on our webstore include GST.

Due to color variations in all browser types, the displayed color palettes are a representation only of the actual color.

Can't find what your looking for? Please feel free to contact us and we will try to stock it for you.

Graffiti Prevention Act

We must adhere to all Australian laws regarding the sale of aerosol paint. All stores selling aerosol paint implement a variety of voluntary codes of practice to reduce the instance where their products will be used unlawfully. We implement a blanket 18+ rule and valid ID is required to purchase aerosol paint.

Customers will be asked to provide valid ID to prove they are at least 18 years of age before ordering aerosol paint.

Complete details about ID requirements can be viewed from the "Dashboard" section of your account.

We employ a system that avoids supplying aerosol paint to anyone where we reasonably suspect the product will be used unlawfully, where it is suspected than an individual may supply a product to a minor, or where it is suspected that an individual may use, or supply someone who may use a product containing solvents to become intoxicated.

It is important that all our customers are aware of their rights and responsibilities when carrying aerosol paint, and also the consequences of using it illegally.

It must be made clear that although we have a great appreciation and the highest respect for the many forms of art produced by aerosol paint, we do not condone illegal acts of any kind.

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Payment methods

We offers two secure payment methods.

Direct Deposit / Internet Banking

Payment can be transferred from your banking institution for direct deposits. You can pay via internet banking or over the counter at an ANZ bank branch. Please note that payment must be received within three (3) working days of the order date or the order will automatically be cancelled.

To make a direct deposit using a bank account, you can use the third-party-transfer facility of your online bank to send money to our account. Please reference your payment with your order number so that we can identify it as yours.


Payment can be made through PayPal, which accepts debit cards, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), checking accounts and bank transfers.

In order to purchase using a checking account you must have a valid PayPal account already set up. To create a PayPal account go to

With PayPal, you have an online account that makes it easy to send money from a variety of sources (like your credit card or bank account) without sharing your financial information. So we never see your credit card number or your banking information.

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Product Inventory

Inventory levels of products on our webstore are kept as accurately as possible. We normally mark items out of stock once they are sold out, but there are some rare occasions in which the product you order is marked in stock but is out of stock.

In the event that a particular product you order has sold out during the day, or not in our warehouse you will be contacted via e-mail and the product will be ordered from the supplier for you.

Back orders

In the case of a back order please allow up to fifteen (15) working days for the product to arrive back in stock from the supplier. Back order items will NOT ship separately, they will be included in your next order.

Back order products are held at our warehouse for a maximum of two (2) years, after this time they will be added back into stock and be available for purchase. We will not refund or compensate any customer who does not claim their back order products once the holding period has elapsed.

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May be changed and updated at any time.


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