OTR 04: Part One: The Death Squad

Part One – The Death Squad gives credit where credit is due to the unsung legend that is Part One, a true style writing master from the pioneering days - with a taste of classic old school New York subway graffiti, as we follow Part's contribution to the scene from the mid 70s, developmental years until now. Part entered the subway graffiti movement in 1974 just after the foundations for piecing had been laid down. He began doing the bubble and mechanical styles of the era and by 1975-6 he truly came into his own. From 1977 to 1980, few writers could compete with Part One and his TDS partners. Today, Part is still active and going strong - his funkified pieces give the newer generations of writers a real run for their money even by today's standards. This is the first publication that deals with his impact on writing culture, with stories from the early days until now.

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