UP - Issue 42

UP 42 - "the busted issue", takes a closer look at getting busted for illegal graffiti. We've spoken to lawyers, busted writers, checked out vandal squads from all over the world and written down the "chase" stories. Make sure to have a read once the issue is out, we'll hope that enlighten you in way or another.

On top of that we're focusing on french globetrotter Honet and the Skids crew from Greece. We've been drinking vodka in the Ukraine, spoken to Danish style legend Jest aka X-paks and while in Copenhagen taken a closer look at the roof tops of the city.

We've been to northern Swedens biggest city Umeå, and in this issue Jacob Kimvall is analyzing pieces by VIM-pioneers Akay and News. And of course the ruomors, the trains, the walls.

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