Aerosol paint is very highly pigmented and cans should be shaken extremely well before use to mix the pigment properly. Aerosol cans can sit in manufacturers and suppliers warehouses for extended periods of time before they reach you and the pigment may have settled.

We recommend shaking cans for at least 5-10 minutes (after you hear the mixing ball moving) before using to avoid clogging and blocking, and also during use. It is highly recommended that you use a fat cap to begin with, and blast out any build up that may have settled in the valve before using skinny caps.

After painting, turn the can upside down and spray for a few seconds until the paint stops emerging, thus avoiding the paint drying in the valve or cap and it getting clogged. The can is then ready for storage.

Cracking / Popping

A blocked aerosol can does not mean it is unusable. A technique known as cracking or popping can be used to empty the can and use the paint in it. A very messy and dirty method of emptying blocked cans.

This can be a dangerous option so we will not advise how to do this. Artists with several years of experience will know how to do this safely. Speak to an experienced artist to learn this technique.

Gloss vs. Matte

The surface finish of paint affects the finished artwork. Aerosol paint usually comes in two levels of shine: Gloss (very shiny) and Matte (dull).

However there's more to this than just shine. Gloss finish means more saturated colour, tougher protection for the surface, and more light bounce (which tends to reveal even tiny bumps and crevices in the surface). Matte finish paints even out rough surfaces, mutes the colors, and tend to be more porous (so they'll absorb dirt and grime over time).

Matte finish paint is better for artwork indoors as it decreases the amount of light that can be bounce off the finished work caused by indoor lighting.

Both finishes can be given a clear protective coating (usually a varnish) that can alter or unify the surface shine.

Increasing Aerosol Pressure

Place can in warm water or in a warm area for a short period of time to increase the pressure inside the can. Do not let the can temperature rise to 50°C or it may explode.

Decreasing Aerosol Pressure

Place can in fridge or freezer for a short period of time or turn can upside down and spray for a short period of time to lower the pressure inside the can.

Valves & Caps

Male caps fit Female valve cans, these caps insert into the valve of the female can.

Female caps fit Male valve cans, these caps sit on top of the male valve which extends out of the can.


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